Valve Stem Seal Stampings

The MANU Advantage

Each valve stem seal is taken through a state-of-the-art molding and assembly process. Every application uses custom designs and processes that best meet cost, performance, and timing goals. We at MANU work closely with our clients to ensure the metal inserts provided by us for the molding run the assembly process with highest efficiency. The prototype and production parts are made in the same facility to ensure a smooth launch to high-volume production.

Size Range: 5 mm to 50 mm
Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000 pieces
Raw Material: SPCD

Valve Stem Seal Stampings are used for engine cylinder inlet/outlet valve rubber seal & are deployed in all sorts of automobiles. Valve stem seals are small relative to other gaskets and seals in an engine, but play an important role in lubrication. What makes valve stem seals different from almost every other type of seal is their ability to leak. Seals designed to leak may sound counter-intuitive, but the amount and way in which they leak is precisely controlled to achieve a specific goal.

Valve stem seals provide a controlled leak of oil to allow the valve stem to be lubricated as it slides in the valve guide. The amount of oil that passes by the valve stem seal must be precisely controlled, as too little oil causes stem and guide wear. Too much oil causes carbon buildup leading to valve seat damage, decrease in volumetric efficiency, increased emissions and excessive oil consumption.


Valve Stem Seal Inserts