Polyamide Bearing Cages

Ball Bearing Cage
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Ball Bearing Cage

Polyamide cages or molded nylon cages reduces fluctuations in running torque and are suitable for high speeds. These types of cages are guided by the balls and their operating temperature range is from -300C to +1200C. These cages with glass fiber reinforcement or without, are characterized by a favorable combination of strength and elasticity, & are more rigid.

These types of cages are basically playing a vital role in replacing steel cages. In new generation cars, almost every manufacturer is using polyamide cages. These types of cages are used for bearings which are mostly assembled to generate high torque, high speed, and/or other environmental conditions.

Plastic retainers are broadly used for automobiles, machine tools, office automation equipment and others taking advantage of the features of plastic products (lightness, slipperiness, self-lubricating, attenuation, etc.). Plastic components make a large contribution to improvement of environmental output by heightening rotation speed, lowering noises, lowering torque speed, etc.

  • Ball Bearing Cage
  • Angular Contact Cage
  • Taper Cage
  • Pump Bearing Cage
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearing Cage
  • Clutch Bearing Cage

The most important factors that play a role in the ageing behavior of a polyamide cage are temperature, time and the medium (lubricant) to which the polymer is exposed. It appears that the cage life decreases with increasing temperature and the aggressiveness of the lubricant. Therefore, whether polyamide cages are suitable for a specific application depends on the operating conditions and life requirements.

Broader benefits of a polyamide cage are – lesser noise, lighter, has some self lubricity, cleaner waste product (old grease) and much easier to make for the bearing manufacturer. Various types of polyamide cages manufactured by MANU are: