March 1, 2023

Our Roadmap That Includes Partnership for Stronger Businesses and Better Lives

Today, even though people are scattered all over the world, we’re closer than ever before. With rising standards of technology and knowledge, various innovations are being nurtured. In such a world of growing nations, it is important to cater to the needs of those still climbing their way to ‘towards progress’. Thus, policies need to be coordinated to help developing countries curb debt, and to offer investment opportunities for the least developed.

So, what really is this goal all about? The goal aims at enhancing relationships between developing and developed nations, as well as the relationships among the developing nations. They plan on achieving that by increasing international trade and by giving developing nations the required aid to increase their exports.


The Goal of Partnership expresses an urgent need to utilise the abundant private resources to successfully carry out the sustainable development objectives. It seeks to bring together national governments, international communities, the civil society as well as the private sector organisation. The goal believes that such a get-together is essential to accelerate progress. It aims at achieving the following targets:

  •  To bring in resources to support developing countries.
  •   To help developing and least developed nations increase their gross national incomes
  •  To enhance the availability of technology in developing and least developed nations.
  •  To help developing and least developed nations to increase their overall share of exports.

In fact, Manu Yantralay is of the opinion that these Goals are critical. They  We feel that the goals will help in areas of business as follows:

  •  A significant increase in the exports of developing countries by 2020
  •  Opening up economic opportunities that would increase jobs tremendously by 2030
  •  Business models which include SDGs can benefit directly from new sources of capital and, thus, attract capital.
  •   SDGs enable companies to create sustainable strategies that can transform their business models and also the communities they operate in.

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