MANU is the leading manufacturer & supplier of bearing components such as bearing cages in metal & polyamide, dust shields and hub bearing parts. All these products find their application in various types of bearings such as ball bearings, roller bearings, taper bearings, etc.

Arguably the most common type of bearing, ball bearings is used in a wide variety of products and applications over hundreds of years. From hard drives to skateboards, ball bearings are designed to handle both thrust and radial loads. They work by transferring the load from the outer race to the ball and on to the inner race. Everything is able to spin smoothly since the spherical shape of the ball only touches the inner and outer race at very small points.

Since ball bearings have proven to do their job well and are also fairly easy to manufacture, they are used in many products and applications. Part of our everyday life, ball bearings are found in things such as blenders and exercise equipment. The list goes on and on. Bicycles, DVD players, water pumps, washing machines and fans are just a few of many day to day products that we use that use ball bearings. Aside from everyday objects, ball bearings are also used in more technologically advanced applications as well. For example, the Hubble telescope, the Mars Rover and weather satellites all use ball bearings.

Automotive Industry

From the transmission to the alternator, bearings are a key feature in any motor vehicle. The demand for bearings can exceed those of any other applications and performance is required in the harshest conditions. For automotive applications, we use highest quality materials, heat treatment, etc.

Electrical Goods

  • From photocopiers to washing machines, bearings are an important component. In many instances their specification is critical so is the condition with bearing components. MANU works directly with bearing manufacturers to provide bearing component solutions to meet the demands of the electrical industry.

General Machinery

Compressors, pumps, gearboxes and fans are amongst the many other machines that are reliant on bearings. In each case, however, the demands for the bearing may be very different and MANU recognizes this fact and works closely with bearing manufacturers to fulfill their requirements.

Electric Motors

For electric motor manufacturers and those involved with the refurbishment of motors, deep groove ball bearings is a familiar sight. Not every motor, however, is the same and selecting the right bearing can make a big difference. MANU provides cages & shields for deep groove ball bearings for a wide range of electric motors produced by major manufacturers.