Today, when the world faces a serious environmental crisis, the pressure to embrace sustainable technologies is more than ever. Going green has almost become norm in today’s time. And there are many reasons behind it.

In the past there was little to no pressure on companies to adapt sustainable technologies. And as a result, natural resources were exploited by corporate misdeeds. But today, along with a company’s own concern for the environment, there are some other stressors as well. And these stressors are playing an important role in making companies adapt sustainable technologies.

At Manu Yantralaya, sustainability is at the very core of whatever we do. It influences every big and small decisions taken within our company. For instance, we’re the first ball bearing cage maker in the world accredited with an ISO 50001 certificate for monitoring energy efficiency.

Talking about the considerations that are driving companies towards adapting sustainable technologies, here are some major ones:

Growing Awareness about the Environment

General awareness about environmental changes is growing among people. And it is not just the buyers who is conscious about environmental changes, companies are also aware about the deterioration of the environment. Therefore, they are taking steps towards sustainable technological changes.

Shrinking the Carbon Footprint:

If we talk about a company’s role in sustainability, a big part of their responsibility becomes reducing their carbon footprint.

Around 71% of global carbon emissions is produced by just 100 companies.

And now governments have taken strict measure to control this by penalizing companies whose emissions are beyond limit. Manu Yantralaya has taken a step forward in reducing it’s total carbon footprint. We’ve invested in a plant at Mahindra World City Jaipur, which is the first project in Asia to receive the stage 2 climate positive certificate from C40 cities. Which means, we will follow sustainable methods for operations and give back to the nature rather than polluting it.

Cost Benefits

Surprisingly enough, using sustainable technology is a win-win situation for both the environment and the companies. When a company retorts to sustainable methods of working, they are bound to recycle as much as possible, which turns out to be very cost effective.

Better Brand Image

Do you notice how well companies promote their CSR initiatives? In today’s time, if becoming a sustainable business is the topmost priority of a business, the second most would be telling the public about it. And there’s no harm in it.
People are becoming aware about a brand’s environmental activities. It is helping them in making better decisions. Sustainable Businesses have strong brand image and people respond to them better. Moreover, employees seek working with a sustainable brand.

Outgrowing the competition

A company implementing sustainable technology is already creating a difference in the environment. So in one way, it is already outgrowing its competition and being seen by the people as ethical. Companies can gain a competitive advantage, just by implementing sustainable methods of working.

These were a few major considerations why companies are implementing sustainability. We at Manu Yantralaya are always seeking opportunities to reduce our impact on nature, and give back more than we take. Our company is already headed in the direction of sustainability for the common cause of our environment.