With more than 800 million people globally, still living on less than the international standard of $1.25 a day, eradicating poverty poses as the greatest challenge the world faces. Rapid economic growth in developing nations like India brought progress for some parts of the society but impoverished the others creating an unequal and disproportionate growth pattern. One out of every 4 Indians is living below the poverty line as per the recent UN data.

Industries employ a large number of laborers both skilled and unskilled, can play a crucial role in providing a secure livelihood, support and guidance to the lesser informed and uneducated employees. Through policy making, reward systems, workshops, and seminars, the employees can be made more aware of improving their standard of living. Here’s what we have been doing to empower our people-:

We believe all our workers to be a part of one big industrial family

All its employees are guided and assisted at each step of their lives including their personal lives – from child planning to their bringing up (schooling and higher studies) and to even owning a house!

There are several schemes incorporated as company policies. For instance, there’s a family planning policy that awards cash prize based on the number of kids an employee has – more the children, lesser the reward! It is an effective way to send the message of family planning among its employees and also curb the act of having children with a desire of a male child.

We pay up to Rs.7000/- as a contribution towards school fees of each child (max. 2 kids) upto 10th standard. Additionally, if the child scores 75% and above in their 12th grade, they are awarded with a prize of Rs.1.5 Lacs for higher studies.

We believe in fostering and nurturing creativity

We recently conducted an “Entrepreneur Campaign” to determine the employees’ children who have the capabilities to think innovatively and creatively towards problem solving. A mindset that is crucial to become an entrepreneur. We rewarded 40 kids with Rs.1000 cash rewards studying in class 9th, 10th and 11th. Such activities not only give a chance to these kids to realise their potential but also motivates their parents to work harder for better living.

We help them build their own homes

In unity with the schemes of Ministry of Rural Development to provide affordable housing to the impoverished population, we at Manuyantralaya, give the opportunity to its employees (who have been loyal to the organization for a decade or more) to avail loans for purchase of homes. It not only gives them an opportunity to afford a roof over their houses but also offers easy repayment saving them from the troubles of external agencies.

As responsible stakeholders towards the development of our nation, all industries must create frameworks to implement such policies that help to better the disproportionate growth and development that seems to be helping only one segment of our society. We have been doing our bit; are you doing yours?