With the New Year 2019 set in, its another year where Industries are being constantly encouraged to adopt environmentally sustainable business practices that benefit all. Consequently, innovators in the ball bearing industry are uncovering newer grounds, everyday. The more efficient the bearings, the more efficient our machines – leading to lesser energy consumption and finally to a smaller carbon footprint.

The essential expectations from the innovative bearings of the future are decreased lubrication consumption, less friction and increased energy production.

Driving Factors For Innovation

Industries like Power and Energy are advancing towards achieving sustainability at a rapid pace. Naturally, the demand for high capacity and high precision ball bearings for environmentally viable utilities like electric cars and wind turbines is on a steep rise. Be it the nature of raw materials beings used to manufacture ball bearings or the implementation of design thinking – the global markets are ripe with ideas to innovate.

Market Trends

It’s interesting to see how different markets are approaching this surge in demand for innovative ball bearings. Following are some market specific breakthroughs in ball bearing R&D around the world:-

  • North America

North America is a leader in implementing path breaking research and technologies, especially in the automotive industry. The existence of already established industrial infrastructure has helped the North American ball bearing market to grow at an exponential rate.

  1. They’re global manufacturers of tapered roller bearings
  2. They’re innovators in alloys and speciality steel raw materials
  3. Tapered roller bearings find application in light & heavy vehicles, trains and wind energy machines
  4. North American vendors are contributing to agriculture and chemical industries in addition to automotive & general utilities

Some of the finest quality innovation in high-speed, high-precision ball bearings are being designed & manufactured in North America, only next to Japan & Germany

  • Asia Pacific

India, China and Japan are leading the Asia-Pacific market with strong economic growth, growing automotive sectors, and a thriving construction industry.
The rising sale of vehicles in the region are projected to drive market growth even more so over the next seven year

Following are some of the leading innovations to have come out of the APAC  Region

  1. They’re global leaders in miniature ball bearings innovations
  2. These are designed to reduce friction and handle heavy weight payloads ideal for construction sites
  3. Industrial applications of miniature bearings are vast and their demand mainly arises in gearboxes, pumps, automobiles, industrial, medical sector, robotics
  4. Asia Pacific holds a regional market share of 55% volume-wise
  5. They also specialise in lightweight alloys and bearings with permanent lubrication

The demand for domestic high precision bearings and components is expected to rise in India, China & Japan – which guarantees easy investments into the market owing to the sheer market size and scope of development

  • Africa

The bullish African ball bearing market is segmented mainly into automotive, railways, wind power and machine tool industry. Agriculture and automotive industries are driving the most innovation in the need-based bearing segment of the bearing industry in Africa.
The next seven years will prove to be a time of major demand and heightened supply of locally designed innovative bearings in the Middle-eastern & African markets. Ultimately, the key to sustainable businesses is the optimum use of available resources. All innovation in the global ball bearing industry is rooted in optimisation of the existing products and building from there. We at Manu, are dedicated to making the Indian ball bearing industry a global leader in innovative sustainability. Here’s to a green future made in India, led by high precision machines!