In the current age of Industries, the need to ‘Go Green’ is evident and clear to everyone. At Manu Yantralaya, we understand the fact that the work we do impact the environment in one way or the other. And therefore, it is the need of the hour to be conscious about what we are doing and how it influences the people and surroundings around us.

The advent of the Industrial Revolution around 1760 was a big step forward into the new era of mass development. While it did enable the industries, and with them, life to flourish, a set of challenges came in the form of waste management and an unprecedented growth in the pollution of different varieties.

Very soon, it became very clear that to sustain this machinery of development, changes had to be made in the way we manage our footprint on the environment. And to minimize this footprint, green initiatives were conceived. No matter the domain your company operates in, going green has several benefits.

From our own experience, we can list down 5 basic benefits of adopting green and environment-friendly policies:

Steering clear of the waste

There’s no denying that all industries generate tonnes and tonnes of waste every year. The right thing to do, then, is to ensure that our wastes are disposed of in the absolute right way possible. That way, this residue of industrial processes doesn’t land up in our bodies.

Recycling to reuse

Another brilliant thing to do in the industrial domain is to recycle whatever we can. With a fair and sound judgment, we can safely understand the best ways to recycle the maximum number of items that are left behind as a by-product. The obvious benefit here is that instead of ending up in an incinerator or landfill, these items then are used to make new products, thereby actually putting them to good use.

Minimization of waste in transportation

Transportation, be it of the raw materials or the finished products, is yet another source of wastage. The benefits of minimizing the transport related wastage are the huge capital saved and the reduction in the environmental impact they cause. At times, it’s something as simple as switching from bigger trucks based on an older and less efficient technology to the newer ones that don’t produce so much smoke.

The health of the workforce

As an industrial entity, we’re always answerable to another set of people who contribute to our success – our workforce. Adoption of these green practices helps all of us reduce our impact and footprint on the environment. This further helps us keep our workforce safe and healthy.

Self-awareness and checking oneself

It’s important to be aware of what we as a company are putting out there in the environment. While it does help us in contributing positively to the environment, it also gives us markers for us to consciously correct our strategy as and how it is required. For example, Manu Yantralaya is certified for ISO 14001, OHSAS and ISO 50001, implying
that we’re consciously monitoring and improving our own processes to protect the environment and our workforce.

This self-awareness further paves the way for boosting the morale of each and every person associated with Manu Yantralaya, since they know that they are important to us and we’re doing our bit to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

In a conscious effort to do so, Manu Yantralaya has been organizing EHS activities as well. As a result, we’ve done our bit towards making Jaipur city cleaner by organizing a cleaning drive under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

It’s important to understand here that though the problem of the magnitude is huge, it can’t be fixed in a single day. To achieve a greener and cleaner tomorrow, even the tiniest of efforts done daily count. And once everyone follows into this simple mindset, a lot will start changing. Ultimately, the only way to move forward is the greener one, wherein we give back to nature more than we take away from it.